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Still working, sorry it’s taking so long. I’m getting sluggish with this thing. I didn’t think I’d get so backed up. It’s coming along nicely, just got behind there for a few days.

I’m starting the promo material, press releases, things like that. It’s always exciting. I get about as much enjoyment from creating promotional material as I do getting accepted. It’s strange. I never thought I’d have an interest in marketing, got Dying published and viola! A new interest.

Anyways, I’m almost finished with my final edit, when I return it, I’ll have more of a schedule to work with. That’s another factor that’s sort of messing things up. I don’t have a set time. Well, I know within 3 months, but that’s it.

Haven’t really been able to do anything else. I’m supposed to send some of my other novel to SN for him to inspect. He actually agreed to look at it. I couldn’t believe it. Well, that’s a step closer. It isn’t an editor from a NY publisher, but it’s an author whose been published several times through the NY publishers. Who better to give you pointers and tips? I’m hoping for a good, brutal edit. I haven’t had one of those blood-thirsty edits in years. Talk about kicking you where you’re supposed to be kicked. It’s quite masochistic, but exciting!

Excellence comes from pain in writing, as in beauty. Literally. Beethoven took a ruler to his student’s knuckles if they simply missed a key. But, that’s what you need when pursuing something. You need to develop and perfect, you don’t sit and become stagnant. There’s a world of possibilities out there and who can honestly say who will be what or won’t be? People should be inspired by possibility.

It took Melville 50 years just to get, The While Whale, a.k.a. “Moby Dick” published. Imagine that. That classic that’s loved by millions took five decades just to interest a publisher. Margaret Mitchell wrote Gone with The Wind, just to entertain family and friends. Who knows what any of us are capable of? We don’t decide it. We can’t calculate the process of being in the right place at the right time with the right people. So, none of it’s up to us.

Well, I guess I’ll go. I need to get finished on my final edit and send it. Over and out. May all your tales….


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