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The publisher FINALLY updated me on what’s going on. He’s completely picked over my manuscript and the big “pencil edit,” is over! Yes! I never thought he’d get done with that. Now, it’s a matter of entering the changes into the computer and sending them to me for inspection. Then, while that’s going on, we’re going to go over the cover details and such. It’s a bit slower than the first estimate I received, but at least it is progressing. It isn’t sitting somewhere stagnant and gathering dust.

In ways, I dread to see the changes. It always hurts when you’re edited, no matter how good you are or how long you’ve been doing it. But, as my favorite editor always said, it’s just a process. An editor is a literary midwife. You send them your “child,” after you’ve developed and nurtured the idea, wrote and self-editing is like a “gestational period,” and the editor takes it through a process that’s sort of like labor. They bring out the ultimate end and show you the finished product. I hope it’s like Dying was. I really do. That was the worst edit, but best end. I was so proud.

I know it’s been forever since I’ve written. We got addicted to the show “24,” and “Kingdom Hospital.” I’ve been attempting to republish my site. My hosting company gave all clients a 24 hour notice last week. Yep, 24 hours. They were closing down due to their server problems. So, I had to find another hosting company and start republishing my entire site. That’s about 325 files. Ugh.

Then, to make matters worse, all work for college was due this week. So, I’ve completed 44 projects, 11 quizzes, and 11 major tests since Saturday. I was a busy, busy girl.

Now, all that’s left is the final draft for my composition class. Thank you God.

I’m glad there was a delay in the book’s production, though. That gives me plenty of time to have the domain back up and running as usual. So, maybe it was a good unfortunate event.


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