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I’m still waiting to get the CD/DVD burner. Ugh! I hate this. I can’t stand not being able to use SSL on this computer. You’d be amazed how much that locks you out of when you have issues with it.

Tomorrow is the fateful day, I think. We are getting a new car and I’m scared out of my skin…lol. It has been years since I’ve gotten a car from an actual dealer and not a “buy-here-pay-here,” place. It’s so intimidating. I think we’ll be okay. I’m just nervous about having that lovely payment again. You get so used to not worrying about it.

Went the last round with the publisher over Timeslips. I think it’s about ready. We’ve went through it twice seeing what needs correcting and reformatting. But, it’s about ready. I am so scared about that. Hubby won’t talk to me about it because he said he was afraid of putting too much pressure on me. Sometimes, I think it would be good to have that pressure. Other times, I’m glad he doesn’t. I think I’m just addicted to fear. I’m afraid of it failing, of course. But, I’m afraid of it doing too well if you can imagine that.

The royalty schedule is apparently the same as the sample one he mailed. It was good. I’m waiting to hear from a “Big Boy,” publisher and that’s just utter hell. Really. It isn’t so bad when it’s a smaller publisher. You know, they’ll take it or they won’t. Submitting to a bigger one just puts so much more into it, somehow. You know every “I” must be dotted and every “T” must be crossed for them to even look at your work.

I realized lately that I’ve been doing this over half my life. That awareness often slips away. I can’t imagine life without writing. I feel that it’s meant to keep people from incarceration. If we didn’t have a place to vent and to get some therapy, we’d be stark raving mad.

That’s about it for now. I’ll post when I have more. Over and out. May all your tales….


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