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Camera Electrocution and Other Ramblings

Of all the things in life I’d like to see electrocuted, it had to be my camera. It couldn’t be the telemarketers’ computers, the scam charity callers’ computers, couldn’t even be the video camera filming one of those insanely annoying used car commercials. It had to be my camera. I fried it like a stuffed pie. You know, if I had the energy I’d probably be all to pieces over that one.

Brother-in-law goes to Vanderbilt tomorrow for his visit. What if? That’s all I’ll say for now. I hope its nothing. I pray its nothing. Maybe it will be nothing. I don’t want to see anyone go through what dad did. I feel so bad for my sister. You know, we were so certain things were just going to stay one way. It’s been a year, why should things change now? Now, a surprise. A ghost in the machine that evaded early detection. A fluke that was just unnoticed. How can something like that just pass by? Whoops. Sorry we missed it. We just weren’t paying attention. How can something like that just be unnoticed? How can multiple spots be just a slight oversight?

Now, we’ll all just wait and see what happens. We’ll know something tomorrow evening.


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