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The Golden Rule?

Well, finally, I think I can update these things for a moment. I’ve been working my literary butt off, but my ultimate goal remains far in the distance. A few hundred miles from Saturn on a tiny deserted moon. Ugh.

What is the Golden Rule in writing? Always have something to work on when you’re waiting on a publisher to reply. Yeah, right. Can’t we put some tape across the mouth that uttered those distinguished words?

I’ve been waiting for a response on a full manuscript since February and it’s driving me up the wall. Yes, it’s a bigger publisher and, yes, the response time will take a while. Yes, as a matter of fact, I did have to try something new. Ah, I’ll know better next time.

The Golden Rule just doesn’t cut it.

I’ve written another book since then and located a potential publisher for that one. I’m working on yet another right now and talking to yet another publisher. All the while, I’m still thinking of that manuscript. After a while, waiting isn’t better than rejection.
I even opened up a store on the domain, really, it’s here. That took a little work and didn’t distract me.

Well, I’ve certainly accomplished much while waiting, I’ll give them that. It’s been an interesting trip, I’ll give them that, too. But, waiting is not to be taken lightly.

Our Class Reunion is coming up. Yeah? Somehow, that just doesn’t do it. I don’t really care to see the people I went to school with. I already know where everyone is that I was friends with.

School was hell, plain and simple. I hated it with a passion. The people were terrible. I was called names and all else and everyone would look away or act so innocent when I attempted to see who did it.

I was simply full of school spirit. Bah. Who wants to think of that again? Who wants to be around those people longer than you are forced to be by juvenile law?

On to more pleasant things. I’m attempting non-fiction although I’m not sure how it will be. But, there’s only one way to find out.

Over and out. Everyone’s in bed so it’s time to work.


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