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I finally have my new book out! Believe it or not. Virginia Creeper has been released. It’s a fictional thriller novel and it’s currently at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and all major book sellers online. 

Here’s a brief synopsis of the novel:

A simple morning jog landed her in the hateful place. A part of her everyday routine betrayed her and allowed a monster to take her from family, friends, and her home. Now, she has to find a way to return.

The prospects are grim in her third week of abduction. She’s bound, beaten, and nearly broken by the monster holding her. He’s as insatiable as his audience and she grows weaker with every “performance.” Cabin Fever is his game and he intends to kill her in front of his online audience to better their entertainment.

She finds a golden moment and seizes the opportunity to flee the cabin and the monster. She escapes and returns to civilization. She spends weeks in the hospital trying to recover from his damages. Her healing seems promising until the trouble starts.

Something followed her back from the cabin. Something that won’t let her rest until Cabin Fever is exposed. People are trying to get to her. Shadows are coming for her and she can’t get away. Enemies surround her and there is no where to run. She realizes the startling fact that her abductor was merely a pawn in the game and the mastermind is alive, flourishing, and coming for her and her family.


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