Well, wonders never cease. I have a teaching job! Teaching! Me! You know, with a class, who actually listens (I hope), in front of a group, working and getting paid? A “job” job. It’s astounding!

Who knew?

I have a disabled child and haven’t been able to work in nearly a decade. Now, I have a job online, teaching others. Sorry, it was just very unexpected and completely overwhelming. I’m having to sort through lesson plans, a syllabus for not one, but two classes, I’m so overwhelmed.

I’ve wanted to teach for a long time, but always thought I’d have to wait until my child was grown to actually teach. TEACH. Wow.

And it’s indefinate. I mean, as long as I can teach it. Well, actually it’s two classes, so wow. Wowie!

I feel so underqualified. I guess that’s normal. I’m certainly fluent in the field. I’ll leave a link:

My Class

Well, I need to go. Lesson plans and all. I like the sound of that. Lesson plans. I feel so useful:-)

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