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Quest of the Red King- The Search for Werewolves

No mention of werewolves would be complete without a mention of Montague Summers, werewolf hunter extraordinaire.

For the record, werewolves are most known for unbridled cruelty, beastial ferocity, and ravening hunger.

History suggests that “evening wolves,” were demons to lure men into vice or sin. The devil has been titled the, “wolf of hell.” In Latin, here are these tidbits:

  • Lupa- She-wolf
  • Lupana- Woman of the Evening
  • Lupanaraum- A brothel
  • Lycanthrope- A shapeshifter

In 1699- Ireland’s nickname became, “wolfland.” The Irish Wolfhound was bred to kill the vicious wolves (or werewolves?) roaming the country.


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