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Stone Lore and Legend

The simple stone is fairly mundane to us today, but there was a time when various stones were considered invaluable. Some of the old European lore surrounding rocks is:


  • Gargates- Black Amber believed to have many paranormal virtues.
  • Garnet- Believed to preserve health and joy, but often disastrous for love.
  • Emerald- Preservative against decay. Believed to heal venomous bites and help during childbirth.
  • Draconite- A stone believed to have came from a dragon’s skull. The stone was shiny, black and shaped like a pyramid. It is believed this stone cured poisons and endowed the possessor with courage.
  • Demonius- A stone believe to have came from a “demoniacal rainbow.”
  • Chrysoprase- A green and gold stone believed to cure or improve weakness of sight.
  • Chelldonius- A stone from a swallow. It was believed to be good against melancholy.
  • Cerraclus- Multi-colored stone that falls from the sky and reflects the likeness of the holder.
  • Ceionitis- Also called Celontes, this stone is found inside a tortoise that resists fire.
  • Cactomite- A prized stone that ensures victory in battles.
  • Brimstone- While associated with evil, this stone was supposed to ward off evil from people.
  • Bezoar- Stones found in the corpses of dead animals, believed to heal injuries.
  • Beryl- Believed to preserve wedding love.
  • Belocolus- A white stone with a black pupil, renders wearer invisible.
  • Balasius- A purple or rose colored stone. Overcomes vanity, reconciles and brings health.
  • Antrachas- Also called Anthrax. This red, sparkling stone has white streaks. It is said to cure boils or posthumes.
  • Antiphates- A shiny black stone that defends against witchcraft.
  • More stone legend and lore soon.


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