I would like to know whatever happened to shows like “Night Gallery?”

I’ll admit it was a little before my time, but thanks to DVDs, I’ve recently started watching the series anew. Shows today, related to the supernatural, are utterly asinine in comparison. Perhaps the era of the great supernatural/unknown series has ended, the last really successful venture being that of the “X-Files.”

The same can be said of the original Kolchak, Twilight Zone, One Step Beyond, Tales from the Darkside and the other greats that were once on screen. Today, they’re too dramatic, too contrived, and often too flat.

Perhaps, one day, we’ll see the wonders of true innovation and creativity once again. For now, thank God for DVDs.

1 thought on “Whatever Happened to Night Gallery?

  1. One problem I have with the more modern inceptions based on paranormal themes is that they treat the subject in some unrealistic fashion, so much that the intrigue is lost. The older presentations are more genuine simply because they treat the subject matter more seriously, and so the audience accepts it as such.

    I remember watching some of those older shows when I was a wee tot, and I miss them. They are gone but not forgotten. Thank goodness, as you have said, that they are available on DVD (and most likely Blue Ray soon).


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