I think there should be a set of criteria for professional reviewers that is actually followed today. Far too often, the proverbial “grapevine,” speaks of how this company provided professional reviewer “A” with heaps of perks, freebies and goodies, while that company couldn’t afford to lavishly spoil the reviewer. As a result, the company with the money got the better review.

It’s clear when you are surfing reviews online who actually respects what they’re doing and who’s just there for the “free stuff.” This is particularly problematic in the horror industry. Good movies are given the worst reviews, by clearly incompetent reviewers, while the most horrible, atrocious wastes of time and money are applauded as if they are art.

This seems especially noticeable when the horror movie has even a slightly intellectual plotline, or one that requires thought. The woefully misguided assumption that fans of horror are all college-age males has sent the industry plummeting into the depths by way of slip-shod movies and a general condescension towards viewers. This seems to be primarily the reason that foreign horror films have gained (and maintain) such a foothold with American audiences.

It’s shameful. What kind of world is it when film reviews of such places as Amazon or “Rotten Tomatoes,” remain amid the final remnants of impartiality or words that aren’t bribed.

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