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Month: July 2012

Readers! Review Thyself #1

This is actually kind of funny for an author to see. For nearly a decade, authors have been virtually enslaved to their reviews. Reviewers have bashed, mangled, ridiculed, mocked, scorned, proclaimed their distaste, objection, or bitter hatred for the works…


Reviewers! Review Thyself: The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby, is one of the most popular works of the Twentieth Century. F. Scott Fitzgerald became a classic when he published the work. It became commonly used in academic literature from that point on.  Today, needless to say,…

bad reaction Reviews

Reviewers Justify Their Words

It’s funny how reviewers can obliterate an author’s hard work, by typing a few lines, but few can actually acknowledge the consequence of their lines. This is a growing list of reason reviewers offer to justify bad reviews. Keep in…


Reviewers! Review Thyself: Gone with the Wind

Perhaps the most amusing section to browse through reviews is in the historical fiction. Readers of today, in the era of texting and bad fiction, attempt to wrap their minds around works written decades, or centuries, earlier. Case in point,…


The War of Words: Ferguson vs. Mishra

If you don’t believe book reviews can be powerful, they can start full-on literary wars. Here’s a battle between a Harvard Professor, Niall Ferguson, and London Reviewer Pankaj Mishra.


Literary Wars: The Author Strikes Back

The latest news on book reviewing comes from England.  Author Chris McGrath has sued one of his reviewers, named Vaughan Jones. What does this mean for the future of writers and readers? I think it’s time for authors to be…

Sweet Jesus, Someone Needs a Hobby

Absolutely, this is completely normal. We all spend countless hours of blood, sweat, and energy composing entire books against those we hate. While it may be considered stalking, or obsessing, in other venues, apparently it’s perfectly reasonable for authors to…

Bombproof Your… Horse?

Because we all MUST understand how to Bombproof Your Horse. Never fear, Wilbur!

Death By Ploot Ploot!

Yes, you can read by Ploot Ploot, too. Here is Death by Ploot Ploot! (Matrix of Destiny).

How to Write… Book?

Believe it, it is not a typo, this book is actually called:  How to write a how to write book.