Perhaps the only thing worse than flaming a book reviewer is having your spouse flame them for you. Such was the case with Michael Chabon and his wife, also an author. Rather than let bad reviews for Mr. Chabon’s children’s book slide, his wife took the reins and ranted (with obscenities) on Twitter because a few people didn’t like his book. Here are some choice examples:

“To the ******* MORON Amazon reviewers giving Awesome Man 1 start bc ‘It would be good for,like, a 2 year old’ IT WAS WRITTEN FOR LITTLE KIDS.”

And the classic line:

“So, what, is idiocy the new prerequisite for the Amazon Vine (Rewards) program? You actually don’t GET that a picture book is for children? Jackasses.”

Read the full story:
What can we learn from this display?
First, instability is never attractive. Second, if she’s an “author,” she should’ve known better than to react like a high school student.

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