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Readers! Review Thyself #1

This is actually kind of funny for an author to see.

For nearly a decade, authors have been virtually enslaved to their reviews. Reviewers have bashed, mangled, ridiculed, mocked, scorned, proclaimed their distaste, objection, or bitter hatred for the works of countless authors.

Authors are supposed to sit by quietly and take their venom with a smile. Why? Because they bought their book. There’s no doubt that readers do indeed support authors, and without their support, there would be no industry for authors. It can’t be stressed enough that readers are indeed critical to writers.

However, paying $0.99 for a ebook doesn’t exactly entitle you, or give you license, to dish out what is nothing more than simple abuse.

I found this thread on Amazon and, in the discussion, reviewers are ignited because authors commented back on their reviews. Nothing seems to ignite reviewers more than “bad” authors critiquing their reviews.

Authors and writers will likely find this amusing that reviewers can’t handle having their “thoughts” criticized for being “out there.”

Sounds so familiar, doesn’t it?


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