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4. Bad Author, Bad! No Cookie for You.

Yet another author turn diva, has dropped to a new level and has dragged her poor spouse in to a firestorm of lunacy.

Emily Giffin, author of Something Borrowed, found a negative review on Amazon. A reader, who admits to enjoying her earlier works, discussed their unhappiness with Giffin’s newest. The review:

“This book was so disappointing. I have read all of Emily Giffin’s books, and have found that her last few books are getting worse and worse. Where We Belong had the ability to be a great story. However, telling the story from two points of view, Marianne and Kirby, led there to be little depth to either character. Also I found both characters to be very unlikable. The story was trite and unbelievable. I also found that Giffin put a very negative spin on adoption. Giffin’s last books have been a disappointment and this one was no different.”

Despite a very respectful review, Giffin was so ignited that someone, somewhere, just didn’t like her, she sicked her husband on them.

In turn, the husband sicked the friends/followers online on them.

It’s a disgusting display for any established author who has seen success to stoop to such childish behavior.



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