September 28, 2021

Horror, Hillbillies, and Humor

About Laura

Laura Wright/L. Chambers Wright is a powerhouse of creativity. As a life-long resident of the Blue Ridge Mountains, she grew up with countless stories of ghosts, witches, and all strange things, many of which find their way into her books.

She has been writing since 1988. What started as a poem to her deceased father grew and grew into a lifetime of publication. She now has tens of books published in a variety of genres, most of which are listed on the Bookography page.

Wright grew up between worlds. Her father was a computer programmer by day, and a farmer by weekend. She helped him build circuit boards in childhood, as well as farm tobacco and vegetables. Wright grew up miles from civilization, in an era where power outages spanned months. The nearest grocery store was 40 minutes from her home, and the closest school and gas station was 20 minutes away.

She was an avid storyteller long before she began writing. Wright discovered reading and writing at an early age. She was an early fan of horror movies and television shows. She began sewing and making her own doll clothing and furniture in childhood.

Her poetry led to songwriting. She amassed hundreds of songs and poems by the time she began writing short stories. Short stories became novellas, and eventually full-length novels. She proved even hillbillies could find their way to publication, and her first novel was published at the early age of 25.

She lived off-grid for years and has read and written much by candlelight. She began working in photography around the same time as writing. She also began painting and dabbling in the world of crochet. She grew to love urban exploration and developed an intense fascination with old, abandoned buildings.

Today, Wright lives with her family in the foothills of southwestern Virginia. She also enjoys ephemera and scrapbooking.


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