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You would see me as just an apprentice But, my love for you remains so restless At times I swore I’d love you always as now But that dream shattered with a vow I can’t share my soul with any other I can’t see past your face to love another There are times I feel …


All in Your Mind

When you own so much more than you can pay You find your life-long soul mate died yesterday When you search all your life for a beautiful dream And when you catch a star it leaves the scene It’s another night where anxiety will rule There’s a masquerade going and you are the fool It’s …



He said he would visit Morpheus, and then he closed his eyes Tell him I’m on my way, ascending where darkness lies For he had lost the courage and I needed a release Morpheus can be addictive, but he’s always been good to me. If I take my chances, I’m predestined to give no more, …

Advice Writing

All About Book Signings!

Book signings have long been thought of as an author’s sole promotion. Almost every author has book signings to promote a book across the globe. No matter where you live or which mall you prefer, if someone gets published they will be there. Yet, this practice is often futile unless you have an established readership. …

Advice Publishers Writing

All About Copyrights

Note: This discussion only applies to authors seeking traditional publishers. Many authors have a backwards concept of copyrighting their manuscript. As soon as they complete a final draft, many start looking into copyrights, even before they locate a publisher. This can obliterate you chances for publication at all. Many authors don’t realize the finality of …