Badlands (When It Rains)

Drifting the badlands, I know you fell,
Thought I didn’t see you, but I just didn’t tell.
One more reason to loathe the only one I love,
Another time to die, when you can’t rise above.
No safety could reach us, we would just steal,
Disoriented, we tried to move the circles in the field.
I saw you reach out, your illusion still far away,
Maybe we should stay, maybe leave today.

Finding acceleration across the Badlands,
Nothing to stop us, no one to understand.
I know what you mean when you say you must go,
I can’t be angry when I can’t let you know.
I know you love another, I still love you like before,
Even across the years, when it rains it pours.

Lingering to see you, don’t care what you see,
I know you love someone that’s so far from me.
Some sweet day I’ll wake up, alone once more,
Even in the sunshine, when it rains it pours.
I could hate you, become accustomed to more hate,
Or I could understand, sometimes love won’t wait.
I see you holding your only love tonight,
I keep on searching when you are the light.

Again on the Badlands, I travel alone,
I watch you far away, now you’re going home.
I feel that it’s cruel when I see you follow,
We’re just mortals with no promise of tomorrow.
Now that we are face-to-face what else can I say?
I respect your wishes though you wish for another day.
I know how you feel, I wish it was like before.
But, life always changes, in the Badlands once more,
Maybe someday, we’ll see lush fields from a white shore,

Even out here, when it rains it pours….

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