I carried my torch without the flame,
Never said I wanted to be in the game.
If I soared all the skies above,
How long could I fly without love?
Found myself holding with open arms,
Thought the talisman was real, not just a charm.
A piece of gold could never control,
The things I’d seen that left me old…

My days pass by, and my nights are hell,
Can’t go to sleep when sleep won’t help.
The skies roar with impending doom,
No hope the journey will end too soon.
Wedded to a stranger, unknown and dark,
Never let another have possession of my heart.
Seeing the love you don’t know at all,
Only watch you cry and smile when you fall…

I left a home, to which I didn’t belong,
Like an actor without stage or a singer without song.
In the entire world I would search all shores,
For a flame of desire, a love that was never born.
A dreamer, another thought that is no use,
Too much to keep and never enough to lose.
A light without dark and a day without night,
Take away the sad imagination,
Like a pair of wings never knowing flight.

Searching for a king who has never been born,
Left them to ramble while they search in scorn.
A mountain of dreams and a world of love,
No one ever told me they’d had enough.
Standing against the wind while the sun has gone,
Trying to follow a path that leads me off alone.
While the light directs me to go another way,
All I can do is follow while I’m going astray….


This work is in Girl in the Trees.


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