The Bad Room
Series: Totable Terrors
Genres: Fiction, Novella, Supernatural Thriller
Tags: Ghost, Haunted
Publisher: Black House Books
Publication Year: 2016
Length: 110 pages
ISBN: 1537389858

It’s been six months since the wreck, since he was taken from her. Six months of healing and physical therapy. Six months of bills and despondency. Six months of doubting her own sanity. Her doctor encourages her to buy a new house and make a fresh start. The realtor knows the perfect place.

Unfortunately, he makes a few slight omissions upon sale. The home is a money pit, the doors won’t stay closed, the neighbors aren’t talking, a strange little girl plays in the yard, and whatever lives in the house just might kill her. She has survived six months of grief, but she may not survive six days here.

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