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Readers! Review Thyself #1

This is actually kind of funny for an author to see. For nearly a decade, authors have been virtually enslaved to their reviews. Reviewers have bashed, mangled, ridiculed, mocked, scorned, proclaimed their distaste, objection, or bitter hatred for the works…

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Reviewers Justify Their Words

It’s funny how reviewers can obliterate an author’s hard work, by typing a few lines, but few can actually acknowledge the consequence of their lines. This is a growing list of reason reviewers offer to justify bad reviews. Keep in…

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1. Bad Author, Bad! No Cookie for You.

Perhaps the only thing worse than flaming a book reviewer is having your spouse flame them for you. Such was the case with Michael Chabon and his wife, also an author. Rather than let bad reviews for Mr. Chabon’s children’s…