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Days are Gone

Days are gone Days are gone Bleeding reminiscence Days are gone Days are gone Far beyond remembrance   If the dream should shatter If the memory should fade Welcome to my world Only dream of better days   Take the theory from your heart Take the hope from your mind Remove the guise of logic …


Jester’s Favorite Fool

Where did you go my friend? Why won’t this sadness end? When did those dreams expire? Why did those feelings retire, And leave me alone to burn on the pyre?   I know yesterday lied, Said the feeling was denied. When did the world become so cruel? I’m still the jester’s favorite fool.   When …



I carried my torch without the flame, Never said I wanted to be in the game. If I soared all the skies above, How long could I fly without love? Found myself holding with open arms, Thought the talisman was real, not just a charm. A piece of gold could never control, The things I’d …