No matter how advanced the internet becomes, there remains one element that is timeless. Content. Good content is often more important than graphics, interactivity, and even professional design.

Unfortunately, developing worthwhile content is the most time-consuming and difficult task for many business owners, artists, and professionals. Our lives are more active than ever, so the time needed to outline, draft, edit, and polish often just isn’t there.

Ghostwriting offers an answer. Let someone else do it for you. I can provide high-quality content suitable for most industries. The process is simple:

  1. Contact me with the details for your project (length, topic, what you wish to use the piece for, who your audience is, etc.).
  2. I will send you a quote, as well as a time estimate for when I will complete the project.
  3. If the quote is acceptable, you then pay via Paypal (for fastest delivery).
  4. I will immediately get to work on your project and return it by the estimated delivery time.

I can help you create and develop your piece, be it fiction or non-fiction. We’ll go through the possibilities and decide on exactly what kind of written work you need. Every client gets personalized, one-on-one attention.

I provide worry-free, high-quality content. I do not spin articles or create “spammy” pieces that repeat keywords. All rights to the final piece belong to the purchaser to publish as they wish, on their website or in the media. There are no caveats or conditions. All correspondence is confidential. Even if you just have an idea, contact me, and we’ll discuss the project.

The current general estimate for pieces that are 1,500 words or longer: $200.00.

Ghostwriting FAQ


I have an extensive portfolio, however am unable to give precise details due to the nature of ghostwriting.


Independent contractor providing high-quality content via freelance work.


Ghostwriter for overseas company and its clients. The content created while there included accounting, psychology, web design, web development, construction, landscaping, travel, family life, child development, professional woodworking, and party planning.


Worked with a variety of companies to create marketing-focused articles. The industries included: music, travel, topography, finance, SAT software, and Fine Art.