Jester’s Favorite Fool

Where did you go my friend?

Why won’t this sadness end?

When did those dreams expire?

Why did those feelings retire,

And leave me alone to burn on the pyre?


I know yesterday lied,

Said the feeling was denied.

When did the world become so cruel?

I’m still the jester’s favorite fool.


When did the dream become a nightmares?

Why can’t ever I see beyond this despair?


Who knew victory so sweet,

Would feel worse than defeat?

Those things remain profane,

Even when I’m not the same.

What did you know,

When I let you go?

How did you disappear?

Knowing I’m still here?

How can it be?

Won’t I ever be free?

When it’s not up to me,

I guess we’ll never see.

Don’t believe half the words you hear,

For there are no angels here.

Don’t care to reflect,

On things I can’t recollect.

Don’t care to tell you now,

We’ll get there somehow.

It was your greatest err,

To bring light into my lair.

How could you be so cruel?

Still in love with you,

I’m still the jester’s favorite fool.


This work is in Girl in the Trees.

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