You were from the past of someone else,

I became so quickly changed.

You wore such a friendly face,

I knew I would never be the same.


Only searched for your face and your name,

So vulnerable to you, and so afraid of change.

When I could only see you at a distance,

I thought I knew just how it would be.

I could spill my heart, pretend you’d listen,

But, you would only look through me.


Now I wake in this cold grave, cold faces all around.

In my heart, you kept me safe, but those walls were torn down.


The lights dim with each breath,

Just scared of being lonely too long.

The present blackness scares me to death,

All I can do is pretend I’m strong.


Time has come to leave myself,

Everyone has already said good-bye.

I’m stranded in a hateful place,

Can’t get out no matter what I try.

I am only asking myself why,

The answers are out of my sight.



I crushed the flower that bloomed in vain,

To find myself wilting away.

The faces I’ve loved for so long,

Are long gone…

And you came into my life too late.


This work is in Girl in the Trees.

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