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Old Tom

I’m finally back. This entry is regarding a legend from Eastern Tennessee, that of “Old Tom.” Tom was said to be a lady’s man during the roaring 1920s. During the time, even in Appalachian regions, speakeasys and bootlegging were common….

Are Ghosts Energy?

This article is a reprint from The Hauntmasters Club, a link is provided below. I thought it was incredibly interesting and wanted to syndicate: The composition of ghosts has been debated since the philosophy of spiritualism began in the 1840s….

The Winchester Mystery Mansion

This elaborate and bizarre estate is outside of San Jose in California. The home was constructed by Sarah Winchester, heiress to the Winchester arms fortune. It is a vivid and lasting example of how a grieving person can be manipulated….

Phantom Hitckhikers

Every region has it’s own particular version of this tale. It has became one of the most common urban legends, globally, today. It doesn’t matter where you go or who you speak with, everyone knows of a phantom hitchhiker. There’s…

Strange Places- Centrilia, PA

If you’ve seen the movie “Silent Hill,” you witnessed a current ghost town that was once prosperous and populated. What you may not know is this seemingly fictional town actually exists. “Silent Hill,” the town, was modeled after Centralia, Pennsylvania….

The Sultan’s Palace, New Orleans, LA

This little discussed structure is still a mystery today. This home in the old part of the city was owned by the Le Prete family through the Nineteenth Century. Since this was merely a second home for the family, they…

The Bell Witch of Adams, Tennessee

There is the remnants of a farm near Adams, Tennessee. The Bell Farm was home to John Bell in family in the early 1800s, and that’s where the story begins. In recent years, the movie titled, “An American Haunting,” was…

The Christine Syndrome: Cars and Curses

Christine is both a film and novel chronicling a young man’s struggles with a car that has a life of its own. Stephen King is rumored to have written this novel based upon James Dean’s Porsche Spyder. But, what are…

Strange and Macabre Facts about the Titanic

We’ve all heard the history of the sinking of the Titanic. We’ve heard of the pomp and pagentry involved in the luxurious vessel as well as the tremendous loss of life. What we seldom hear is the events leading up…

Who was Sammy Spangler?

In the Scott County area of Virginia, there lived a man who would certainly draw attention today. As far as it’s known, no such figure existed before or after him. He lived in the region from birth until death, encompassing…