The Dream that isn’t There

She wakes to a thunderstorm

Maybe the rain is lethal

Bringing back old memories

Love isn’t always equal

Deafening thunder rolls on

Sounds just like a beating heart

A blinding blade of lightning

Slices the morning apart

Maybe the dawn is warning

Is screaming out in pain

All of the life, all of the tears,

All of the love, all in vain,

Every glass teardrop

Every feeling or emotion

The only one she needed

Laughed at her devotion

Just like a star, always needing the night

You know an angel needs the sky

Strong as steel, a raging lion

Carry on, carry on, regardless if you’re crying

Maybe this love is dangerous

And there’s nothing to compare

To a heart full of love

For a dream that isn’t there

The morning moves on

The hands of time always move

Towards another hour

Towards the crest of noon

Hearing only thunder

Beckon the blinded rage

You can always cry to a different tune

The storm, the tempest, will rage through the day

Maybe she’s a fool for loving him this way

Love seems to have the habit of always flying away

Picking the right moment, drifting into yesterday

No room for freedom in this crowded air

Never thought she’d leave him

Or the dream that wasn’t there.

This work is in Girl in the Trees.

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