The Fall

So the sun set early today,

Saw your reflection in the water, by the way.

Laughing and smiling through space and time,

It’s a shame it ended and you crossed that line.

Just one thing I will always know,

How much you loved me before you let go.


They say it always rains when an earthly angel dies,

The wind blows away the tears falling from your eyes,

And in the coldness of the gusting air,

They came to visit, but you weren’t there.

The living made the picture fade to black and white,

Everything went dark, and then gray faded to light.


You passed away that fall morning,

One moment you were here, then left without warning.

In one last breath, you left me behind,

Though you said you’d be here all time.

I’ll never forget that day I wore blue,

That was our color when it was me and you.


In the autumn I recall your ways,

Laughing and smiling, passing the days.

In the morning mist I wander around,

Screaming on a mountain, not making a sound.

Try as I may when my heart feels so blue,

I’ll never forget the love or the life I lived with you.


This work is in Girl in the Trees.

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