There’s something nefarious in your house, something that hides in your bottled water, your milk, your salad dressing, and even in some vegetables. Can you guess what it is? It’s sodium chloride, better known as salt. No, not just the stuff we use for seasoning, these monstrous amounts lurk in our foods when we buy them, and most of us don’t even know it.  What’s worse is those extreme amounts simply aren’t needed. We just want to enjoy our food, not cure it.

My husband suffers from congestive heart failure. As a result, it is crucial to limit his sodium intake. He was diagnosed at only 37, so currently, he does not have any concerns with high cholesterol, fats, or sugars. This creates a complex set of problems. Where do you turn when the one component you can’t have is everywhere, and in seemingly every edible product? When you can have slightly higher amounts of fats or sugars? The answers are few.

Most products with low-sodium are automatically low-fat or sugar-free. While always healthier, such products often leave much to be desired in terms of taste. That is where The Sodium Free Life comes in. This is created for those who can have sugars, fats, or perhaps small amounts of caffeine. It offers recipes, tips, and advice on how to avoid the sodium pandemic. The recipes featured are not always low-fat or sugar-free, but all are tasty.


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While it may seem scary, you’ll be surprised at how little salt is actually needed to make food delicious. You can omit the salt from most dishes and never miss it.

These are sodium-free recipes for you to enjoy.