“What exactly do you dream?” The psychologist spoke without emotion, as was his customary manner, always calm, always placid. His office was placid. His life was placid. “What do you think?” She tried to get comfortable, but it was no use. There was no comfort to be found in his […]

It’s a Small World

Sylvia locked the bathroom door, but didn’t know why she bothered. She plopped down on the closed commode lid and listened to the rush of two voices outside, “I didn’t know she’d come home,” her husband apologized. “Well, you better next time,” the feminine voice returned. She couldn’t cry; it […]

The White House

She had made it forty-three years, six months and fifteen days. Hope still eluded her. She emptied another bedpan into the dilapidated toilet and returned it to its owner. How the hell did she end up here? She’d recently concluded that it would never change. She’d started as a CNA […]

The Refrigerator People

I never liked Bob. I liked him even less when I found out about him. He moved down the street last year. We assumed he was just your average Joe Lunchbucket, and from all appearances he was. He worked at the bank, like several other people on our street. His […]

Let’s Do Lunch

Belinda Davenport contacted me on social media two months ago. We were best friends in high school, but went onto different colleges in differing states. We lost contact. I loved thoughts of catching up. So, I met Belinda for lunch at a trendy bistro on First and Main. She said […]

Where Land Meets the Sea

There, where the seagulls fly Where land meets sea, ocean meets sky In the warm summer sun You smiled at me, our laughter had just begun The comforting rays, warming the sands Guiding the wind with a single hand Nothing could bring storm clouds in And there our dream Would […]

The Dream that isn’t There

She wakes to a thunderstorm Maybe the rain is lethal Bringing back old memories Love isn’t always equal Deafening thunder rolls on Sounds just like a beating heart A blinding blade of lightning Slices the morning apart Maybe the dawn is warning Is screaming out in pain All of the […]


Drown myself In this shadowed sea Only sad and pale You won’t come back to me And maybe when I let go I’ll be pulled under Your voice is like thunder Swimming in a sea of tattered dreams On the borderline Of sorrow’s insanity Won’t you hold me Before I […]

The Bells

Among the trees, the moon’s on the rise I’m set free just, by your eyes And the bell keeps tolling softly… The rose has wilted away The petals all around Must I really leave today? Still, I know I’m heaven-bound The bell keeps tolling softly Ever so softly to me […]

The Beauty of the Beast

Why is it only beauty I can never see? Why is it the beast always glaring straight at me? You hear a single whisper, a forlorn compliment, And you don’t know the beauty on which their breath was spent. You never see the light or the writing on the wall, […]