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Agent Fees and Standard Practices

Literary agents work much like attorneys. It is that simple. Instead of legal representation, they provide literary representation. They approach editors much like the way an attorney would approach a judge. With careful persuasion, they encourage the publisher to accept your work. This is a mutual interest and effort, for like many lawyers, agents don’t …

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All About Book Signings!

Book signings have long been thought of as an author’s sole promotion. Almost every author has book signings to promote a book across the globe. No matter where you live or which mall you prefer, if someone gets published they will be there. Yet, this practice is often futile unless you have an established readership. …

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All About Copyrights

Note: This discussion only applies to authors seeking traditional publishers. Many authors have a backwards concept of copyrighting their manuscript. As soon as they complete a final draft, many start looking into copyrights, even before they locate a publisher. This can obliterate you chances for publication at all. Many authors don’t realize the finality of …