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What is Preditors and Editors?

menmanWhat is Preditors and Editors? If you’re online for any length of time, you will see this name freely given often between fiction writers.

Preditors and Editors (P&E) is a website started in 1997, managed by Dave Kuzminski. The site was designed to be a reference source for the writer, composer, and game designer. Information about publishers, literary agents, and writing competitions is listed based on a standard rating criteria.

In general, P&E doesn’t recommend any writing competitions that charge an entry fee or any publisher or agent who charges a reading fee. The site includes a checklist for making a decision when dealing with a company that doesn’t have a P&E rating.

The site includes tutorials that explain how the publishing industry works, sample query and submission letters, submission tracking software, job listings, and listings for magazines, game publishers, organizations, and workshops for authors, screenwriters, game writers, composers and others in the publishing world.

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