Horror, humor… and hillbillies!


Novel Physics

  One of the greatest difficulties a writer faces is novel-length writing. Be it fiction or non-fiction, many authors hesitate to get involved. Sometimes the largest intimidation isn’t editors or agents. It’s the thought of the commitment. “I’ll Never Get…

The Enigma of Originality

It’s often intimidating for author’s to take a hard look at their competition. It can be frustrating when an old idea seems to take on a new interest. Instead of wondering, “Why,” we should be looking at, “How?” How did…

Cliches, Conundrums, and Chestnuts

Hackneyed phrases, slang, and truisms should be eliminated from your writing vocabulary as much as possible. This is one time where you should not write what is commonly heard. These phrases are so overused they are loathed by writing professionals….