Black Diamond
Series: Tremors, Book 1
Genres: Fiction, Novella, Thriller, Young Adult
Tags: Coal Mine, Ghost, Haunted
Publisher: Black House Books
Publication Year: 2013
Length: 98 Pages
ISBN: 9780615786698

They say because of his cruelty in life, his death would be the cruelest imaginable. They say now he's merely a captain on a train that transports the devil.

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About the Book

Josie Stapleton is new in Sunnyside and, after 2 months of irritation, several popular kids dare her to follow them that night. She cautiously accepts, but knows they just want to scare her.

They take her to place called the “Devil’s Bridge,” but the prank has horrific consequences. At 200 feet above ground, Josie witnesses what happens when legend meets reality. No one will believe what really happened and the community is starting to blame her.

Fletcher was an old coal tycoon who brutalized his mine workers. Legend says his precious Black Diamond is cursed to run the decaying tracks forever. Legend says he’s captain for the devil, in the train from hell.

Josie must find answers to impossible questions. Her autistic best friend and several new acquaintances show her the answers are just as impossible. The journey leads her to discover the monster who lurks in her own bloodline.


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