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The First Draft: Love it before you Kill It

The first draft is the very first phase of writing your book. It is in no way completed once you finished your first draft. You simply know which direction the book is traveling in. Now, comes the tedious process of editing.

Your first draft, and the subsequent drafts, will be more of an exploration. You are testing the boundaries of your creation and your skills. You are perfecting your plot, getting familiar with your characters, and seeing how far you can take the world you have created. It is a process of plowing through weeds and growth to find the garden beneath.

Is this to say you shouldn’t feel accomplished? Never! You should be enthralled that you’ve came so far. Out of all the writers in the world, only a fraction completes the first draft, and even fewer survive the editing process. You should be proud that you’ve completed such a monumental first step. It just shouldn’t be where you stop. This step proved that you could do it and you have the potential to produce novels. Now, how hard are you willing to work to see your literary perfection?

Your first draft is a sacrificial work that’s little more than an establishment of facts. It’s your job to keep it at the literary polishing stone until it’s beautiful. If you’ve completed the first draft, you’re well on your way.

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