You would see me as just an apprentice
But, my love for you remains so restless
At times I swore I’d love you always as now
But that dream shattered with a vow
I can’t share my soul with any other
I can’t see past your face to love another
There are times I feel your arms around me
As the tears create an ocean of sorrow to drown me…

A porcelain heart encased with a shroud of stone
Made me realize you’ll never feel alone
Years have passed so quickly by
I’m still thinking of a that good-bye
I stare and my soul will always linger,
While you had me wrapped around your finger
I had this foolish fantasy, of loving you, loving me,
Until the days end of eternity.

The shadows fall, day changes into night
There to you my dreams take their flight
Over the mountains through the Ivory Tower
I’ll imagine your love in the darkest of hours
I’ve always been in love with you
No matter what’s happened, what we’ve been through
I shall stand back in the wondrous darkness
And wonder how my love’s traitor could be so heartless…

©Copyright, 1994 Laura Chambers-Wright. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form without explicit written permission from the author.

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