Lighted Kingdom’s Delusion

I turn and turn and turn about, misty-eyed with cool hate
Insensitive and put to flight, entranced in a deadened state
The bereavement of the hour is meeting with the loss of a lifetime
Irretrievable to all and none when you’re unbeloved and blind
Entering your spirit, with a heart of marble you turn so pale
Slipping through the fingers as the bride released her veil
Hushed and still, I withdraw, I only stand in the background
Unimportant and unrecognized, I know love can’t be found
Bewailing the loneliness, in soundless solitude I live
The music sometimes fades when you have nothing to give

Maybe it’s just the knowledge that emotion is unborn
Baseless and uncreated, the nothingness of a vanishing point
Lapsing of a memory as they gently sail the waters of Lethe
The nonexistence of any emotion, a lover’s last agonies
Angels rock me to sleep, but the sunrise is shackles and chains
The Graying Rhapsody I’m romancing, the age-loved illusion
See the ivy-covered house in this lighted-kingdom’s delusion


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