Laurawrites_sitelogoHe said he would visit Morpheus, and then he closed his eyes
Tell him I’m on my way, ascending where darkness lies
For he had lost the courage and I needed a release
Morpheus can be addictive, but he’s always been good to me.

If I take my chances, I’m predestined to give no more,
Where angles stand around you, but demons bar the door
Take your chances with the treasures only he can give
Which life do you want? How long could you live?
He sat on his throne with the power of a smile
Morpheus vested his cloak when you closed your eyes

Who will know the challenges you face everyday?
One undisturbed repose, the only hide-away
When he laughs at the wisdom, things he doesn’t know
In this vague state it helps if you let go
You’ll see the laughing people and the love you don’t possess,
You’ll fake every smile and flinch at every caress
If he grants you the only pardon, when you are in too deep
Morpheus can softly ease you into that heavy, dreamless sleep…

©Copyright, 1995 Laura Chambers-Wright. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form without explicit written permission from the author.

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