The Bells

Among the trees, the moon’s on the rise

I’m set free just, by your eyes

And the bell keeps tolling softly…

The rose has wilted away

The petals all around

Must I really leave today?

Still, I know I’m heaven-bound

The bell keeps tolling softly

Ever so softly to me

I know I’m not in prison

But, your eyes set me free

I remember being so close

Only a heartbeat away

But, you were only drifting through

There’s nothing more to say

The bells are tolling softly

Ever so softly to my friend

The ringing, gentle ringing

Came round once again.

The clouds are gathering round

The angels went astray

And you know you can’t be found

If I’m only in the way

The bells are tolling softly

Ever ringing in my ears

And once upon a moonlight

You drove away those fears

A certain bell is tolling

One that you can’t see

And I hear you calling

Won’t you set me free?

One bell is so special, not like any other

It captures the sound of a broken sigh

Now this bell, tolling softly for another

Says to me, “Thou must die.”

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