Alabaster Veil

Chorusing through the night,
With heart and soul held nearby,
The shining spirits of mere refrain,
Come round to see you again.
See through the disguise,
Look into their eyes,
Can you see the shadows hidden among those things?
The ghost, the specter, the spirits on calmer wings?

The veil draped upon you,
An alabaster shade of blue.
The garden is not the only place you see,
For here I am in the balcony.
The curtains pull apart, an empty stage,
No acting right now, no masquerade.
Only the silence, as you go deathly pale,
Searching the night for an alabaster veil…

The theater closed on opening night,
The phantom fled the diva’s sight,
Red velvet solitude, for the symphony has ended,
A faded white curtain still hangs suspended,
The spotlights reveal unsettled dust,
As hearts of steel begin to rust.

A saddened emotion that slipped away.
The forgotten children who wanted to play.
A tragic disappointment crowning your head,
The mark of a loser, what more can be said?
The bizarre ghost ship, with a phantom sail,
Drifting off to nowhere under an alabaster veil…

A fairy tale believing in me,
An unloved victim who will not see,
Calamity Jane will sing her song,
Begging and pleading when it all goes wrong.
For a shadow of love in a lighted bliss,
Feeling the adoration from an angel’s kiss.
Goodnight, goodbye, hope you sleep well,
Time to draw the alabaster veil…


This work is in Girl in the Trees.

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