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Alabaster Veil

Chorusing through the night, With heart and soul held nearby, The shining spirits of mere refrain, Come round to see you again. See through the disguise, Look into their eyes, Can you see the shadows hidden among those things? The ghost, the specter, the spirits on calmer wings? The veil draped upon you, An alabaster …

Advice Agents Scams and Fraud Writing

Agent Fees and Standard Practices

Literary agents work much like attorneys. It is that simple. Instead of legal representation, they provide literary representation. They approach editors much like the way an attorney would approach a judge. With careful persuasion, they encourage the publisher to accept your work. This is a mutual interest and effort, for like many lawyers, agents don’t …

Advice Editing Writing

Vampire Verbs!

Verbs might be the single most important item found in your sentences. The two main classifications for verbs are Passive and Active. This article divides the classes and shows their differences. This section highlights the use of Active verbs, those most important to general writing. Active Verbs: This is the method we are encouraged to …

Advice Writing

Novel Physics

  One of the greatest difficulties a writer faces is novel-length writing. Be it fiction or non-fiction, many authors hesitate to get involved. Sometimes the largest intimidation isn’t editors or agents. It’s the thought of the commitment. “I’ll Never Get It Done” One hundred thousand words: a simple number simply comprised of six numeric digits. …


Deception Is Your Art

After we have talked and kissed, Take a look at what you’ve missed Look how diamonds become your eyes While I’m a diamond in the skies When you knock on Heaven’s door Don’t think I’ll love you anymore I never thought it would come to this It went crazy when we kissed I only longed …


Deathly Sweet Dream

It was an embittering vision, an unheard echoing scream, And everything ended with that deathly sweet dream. It was so pallid when compared to a hot, lusty night, But, you were an end to the graying black and white. I’ve never known someone so startlingly like me, I’ve never cared for distraction that wouldn’t set …



How can a wound that cuts so deep, Stop bleeding with a smile? How can I have forever to keep? Those dreams only live a little while. When darkness summons me, The fear has yet to reveal. All the terrors won’t set me free, For fear is all I feel…   ©Copyright, 1993 Laura Chambers-Wright. …